WTF, roller skates?

So group of us went roller skating at the local rink.   The rental skates sucked, but then I rented the old 1 dollar rentals.  Neither of the skates were set to the same tension on the cushions.   So each turned at their own rate, and trying to stand on one at a time was an experiment in terror.

I did not fall down!  My real only high point of the night.

So, I have bought skates, why?  because I am obsessive, I want to use my stuff not another. I want shit that actually works, not something apparently fixed by a person, or possibly a Racoon in the advanced stages of rabies.

So I found a pair of Dominion 718 Super X skates with 95a Carerra wheels.  Got em for 30 dollars!  plus 15 shipping.  that is still less that the price of the plates alone.  Bot is not top of the line but all leather, apparently well made and will do for a while, if not longer.  The plates are Sure Grip Super X, not the best plate but the rock solid plate you can do just about anything with.   And the wheels are not all that good from what I understand.


Yeah they lost me as a customer when the guy behind the counter could not find the wrench to loosen the lock nut on the kingpin.  How about chain that thing to the bench so it does not walk off?!?!



I bought my self one of those too.

Elephant_Wrench_4b0c52d70b6eaSo for about 25 bucks I replace the cushions, pivot cup and toe stops.  55 bucks all together for pretty darn good starter skates!  Not to mention I will be replacing the Kingpin bolt with a reverse kingpin setup, new laces, and replacement wheel nuts and kingpin nuts.


A picture to describe what some of the parts are, I sure as hell didn’t know until a few days ago!


So yeah, as soon as the eBay seller gets off their butt and ships these things I will have them!

Lesson 5


Yay did lesson #5!
Confused with the appearance of added 10 sets at the end, but Tracy did not cover those in her tutorial on YouTube. So I left them out, that and my ripped skins are starting to complain.  Rather than risk damage I stopped.

Took an early break to find where I had set my Wedding ring last night whole I was chalking my freshly painted KBs.  GAAAAHHHH!
Slumping dejectedly in my chair and sipping coffee. *:*:GLEAM:*:*  it had made it to the bottom of my roll-y stool!
St. Anthony be thanked!

Back to swinging, followed along with Tracy’s YouTube.
Math sez 480 swings, and since I kept up I can do lesson 6 the fun stuff starts with swapping hands!

For today, using 20kg bell:
12 2-hd sw x 1
14 2-hd sw x 1
16 2-hd sw x 1
18 2-hd sw x 1
20 2-hd sw x 1
20 2-hd sw x 20
480 swings.

Of kettlebells

So I went and purchased MORE kettlebells.  My 16kg just to small for serious swinging. Did do lesson #3 with a 24kg bell at the gym last week..  Barely walked out of there alive.
That was 305 swings.

Have not used these yet, paint finish is definitely rough, and holds chalk very well.
(LOTS of chalk!)

Purchased from Rogue Fitness – Kettle bell section.


So on to lesson 4 today so it is written!

Hello world!

So I decided to try blogging.  It won’t be to any schedule and I doubt I will ever link this to social media to gain traffic.

My website was originally created to host information I wanted to keep track of or easily share with others.   Now I have brain dumps and want to put out ‘stuff’ without having to create a webpage every time.

Soooo… this, rather than boring people on Facebook I can post here saving them from my less than creative opinions.  Or the latest shiny thing that I think is cool but again don’t need to burden others with.

So here we go, could be paintball, kettlebells, firearms, pipe smoking or anything else that crawls from my head and demands attention.