18 years and counting.


So I have been on CPAP for 18 years now.
Found old paperwork, my original Sullivan CPAP machine is still going strong, never a problem there.
but my original mask, which I replaced parts on around 2003, so what, six year later? I hate, have hated it and only had it and it was all I knew.
The Breeze SleepGear CPAP Mask with nasal pillows.
It is pictured at the top of the photo.
This year, 2003, I had to get a new sleep study done since I had no real prescription so I can get my gear updated or at least checked out.

Do you know they have updated equipment?
Dr Sullivan diagnosed and started CPAP studied only a year or two BEFORE I got my machine!?

So in the study I used a ResMed Swift mask, was very nice, I wanted one, and in searching came across the ResMed Airway p10. I LOVED the swift to sleep in, BUT, it has a harsh blast of air that turns down and pretty much blows on your arms. Not fun, and one thing I hated about the Breeze was the jet of air coming from the front, so I consciously slept facing the other way so air is not blowing at my wife. Not a good thing at least to me.
The P10 on th other hand has a gentle waft of air, and does not seem to be noticed by my wife and it SO TOTALLY QUIET!!

I bought one, it is also in the picture as a comparison of the wee tiny thing I now have strapped to my head. So much nicer. Nose can still be irritated, and it may move around a little more but I feel I get better sleep, deeper sleep with it on.

Technology, so much fun.
I do look forward to possibly getting a new machine as well, oh the joy of sleeping with a blower that reduces pressure when you breath out, is so fancy.

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