Why am I here

This is a Weight Watchers commentary. Well it all started to use 5 6 years ago. We lost weight we were happy moving right along everything was grand then it all kind of stalled out. Why are we still here.? Near as I can tell the only reason we’re still at Weight Watchers is we don’t want to get fatter have we lost weight yes have we gained weight yes. But physically were stronger I can lift more weight we can do more activities but we haven’t lost any weight in the last sleep in like plateaued for 5 years. I think the reason we continue to come if we don’t want to get bigger we started out in the 300 range and now we’re down in the 200 range considerable amount of weight lost anywhere from 80 to 90 pounds each. Still we need to lose more during game to game our goal weight. And we need to lose more to get to her lowest weight we’ve achieved so far. But I think if we had been with Weight Watchers we would be back closer to 300 in the 250 that we are now. So when they say goals aren’t measured at the scale this is true they’re not get measured in pants size they’re not measured in shirt size of sometimes they can be measured in just activity or just in physical well-being. Sure my clothes are smaller than they were and I can do more than I was but I’m also not on any medication anymore so that’s a bonus. Why am I still doing Weight Watchers because I’m afraid if I quit I would get back to where I was and that’s not a healthy place to be it’s tough it’s tough everyday to go years on end with no appreciable gains or losses if I do lose enough weight I get a star okay I’ve already had that star so I get nothing and that’s hard to. So my next car would be 895 pounds I think I’ve got ten fifteen pounds to lose to get there if I get to 100 pounds I get a magnet are leaders been holding onto for many years now cuz I’ve been determined to get that damn magnet 400 pounds lost. So essentially I’m paying Weight Watchers for therapy because I apparently can’t stop eating the things I know I shouldn’t be eating and I go every week I pay every month for the weekly therapy do not go out and do worse yes this is like being you know addicted anything else it sucks its hard to do it’s hard to deal with other people when they are unhappy with their progress. Am I close this so I don’t ramble on vaguely about things but yeah keeping Weight Watchers is probably keeping me from being worse off than I am there are foods I know I can eat all of them and I choose not to because I know I’ll be back up in a weight range that I couldn’t do most of the things I’m doing now even though then I was still out running people all day long are out working anyway not a sell out running them. So that’s my ramble kind of put down in words why I’m at Weight Watchers eventually I’ll get back to this post and correct all the misspellings thank you for your time.

Goal and weight release

Today was weigh-in day for Weight Watchers.
Released 5.6 pounds, I realize it was stupid weight leaving, not actual fat weight.  But the weight one looses when they start a diet or start doing things correctly.
So currently weigh in at 249.6 lbs.

total lost at this point is 83.2 lbs  (started at  332.8)
Need a total loss of 95 pounds for next star and 100 I get a magnet!

I may ask for all the charms too…

Goal weight may be 220 lbs, so really not far to go.  but it will be WORK.

Promised my self this if I can do 1000 swings and reach goal weight:
54lb. “Daimon” From Demon Bells.com

Have a ways to go for both really, Kettlebell fervor is fueled by this book:
The Swing!: Lose the Fat and Get Fit,  by Tracy Reifkind
From Amazon