Lesson 5


Yay did lesson #5!
Confused with the appearance of added 10 sets at the end, but Tracy did not cover those in her tutorial on YouTube. So I left them out, that and my ripped skins are starting to complain.  Rather than risk damage I stopped.

Took an early break to find where I had set my Wedding ring last night whole I was chalking my freshly painted KBs.  GAAAAHHHH!
Slumping dejectedly in my chair and sipping coffee. *:*:GLEAM:*:*  it had made it to the bottom of my roll-y stool!
St. Anthony be thanked!

Back to swinging, followed along with Tracy’s YouTube.
Math sez 480 swings, and since I kept up I can do lesson 6 the fun stuff starts with swapping hands!

For today, using 20kg bell:
12 2-hd sw x 1
14 2-hd sw x 1
16 2-hd sw x 1
18 2-hd sw x 1
20 2-hd sw x 1
20 2-hd sw x 20
480 swings.

Hand tears and Aquaphor

This online article:

First off, I like the article well written, and the comments are supportive, inquisitive and instructional.

Read down to where Nurse Practitioner Eileen comments, and corrects a few points made in the article.  (Thank god for not using salt!)

So now armed with my supply of Corn huskers Lotion, Meier’s branded Aquaphore and blister bandages I am ready-er….   Next learn about taping the hands correctly, and probably go back to wearing my deerskin work gloves.

Or as the article points to a YouTube video of making tape grips:
Tape Grips

Goal and weight release

Today was weigh-in day for Weight Watchers.
Released 5.6 pounds, I realize it was stupid weight leaving, not actual fat weight.  But the weight one looses when they start a diet or start doing things correctly.
So currently weigh in at 249.6 lbs.

total lost at this point is 83.2 lbs  (started at  332.8)
Need a total loss of 95 pounds for next star and 100 I get a magnet!

I may ask for all the charms too…

Goal weight may be 220 lbs, so really not far to go.  but it will be WORK.

Promised my self this if I can do 1000 swings and reach goal weight:
54lb. “Daimon” From Demon Bells.com

Have a ways to go for both really, Kettlebell fervor is fueled by this book:
The Swing!: Lose the Fat and Get Fit,  by Tracy Reifkind
From Amazon

Sacrifice of skin

So after the rough paint wore the skin off the sides of my fingers and ripped off a callus I started sanding and grinding.  Then painted them the correct color for their weight.

20150716_215319Sumptuous purple and luscious green – Valspar. I was looking for purple, and with a name like that the only green that would do was luscious, yeah hunter green just would not have paired well.

And yes I swung through PART of Tracy Reifkind’s lesson 4.
With the 24kg bell to start
12 2-hd sw x1
13 2-hd sw x1
14 2-hd sw x1
15 2-hd sw x1
15 2-hd sw x1
15 2-hd sw x1
16 2-hd sw x1
17 2-hd sw x1
18 2-hd sw x1
20 2-hd sw x1  (oops meant to stop at 19!)  155 swings at this point!
1.5 min break!!!
20 2-hd sw x10  (200 swings here alone)

355 swings!!

Dropped to the 20kg to finish the last set of 5, and actually at this point I have finished the basic criteria for lesson 4.  the additional 5 sets are for if you still feel froggy!!!

with 20kg
20 2-hd sw x2

at this point I had to stop the roughness of my new bells had started stripping the skin off of the outsides of my ring fingers, and the calluses of my middle fingers were starting to tear.  Actually the left hand did.  So sanded and stripped and figured what the hell repaint them!


Hands have to heal anyway so the paint will have plenty of time to dry.  Still need to finish cleaning the handles, but have all the materials for that as the weekend progresses.

Of kettlebells

So I went and purchased MORE kettlebells.  My 16kg just to small for serious swinging. Did do lesson #3 with a 24kg bell at the gym last week..  Barely walked out of there alive.
That was 305 swings.

Have not used these yet, paint finish is definitely rough, and holds chalk very well.
(LOTS of chalk!)

Purchased from Rogue Fitness – Kettle bell section.


So on to lesson 4 today so it is written!