Of Bike and Oatmeal

Oh boy got to get out and ride the bike today!
Always a good day, in bed by 3:30 or so am and up at 8… no  back to bed and doze until 9.

Fine – need coffee, want new saddle for bike, no oatmeal for breakfast.

So took of to a local bike shop, Vittesse Cycle Shop, and had a little help choosing a popular Bontrager Comfort Gel CRZ Saddle.  Easy enough.  Sat outside beforehand talking to a lady stopping at the shop for new tires.  I didn’t know these things wore out!?  Mine usually fail because I have had them so long the rubber falls apart.  Noodling in my brain I think my bicycle is about 25 years old!   It may have never know Bloom County.  (The comic strip, which has been on a 25 year hiatus)
Then coffee!  So went to a local Grinder/shop, The Coffee Hound had a cup of the Sumatra, was tasty, and freaking hot.  I know this because I stumbled over a drop off on the sidewalk – spilled some in my bike glove – was distracted both by the intense pain and the fact the glove REALLY held the heat well.  While letting my hand cool and sip the coffee I managed to get the saddle installed – oh so much nicer than my Serfas gel springer saddle.  Mainly because it is a little narrower and slicker so I don’t stick to the saddle as much.  Yes the coffee was very good, nice bold start and smooth finish, and a thick richness to it.  I can stick with my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee just as easily.

want to be at work by noon thirty-ish or so, and it was pushing 11 I figured what the heck nice weather so I headed off to the grocery store and picked up my old fashioned oatmeal.  Living on the edge baby!  I did get home by noon, showered, made turkey pucks, brown rice, put it all together for lunch and was at work by the pre-determined time.


Tomorrow out for ride again for Weight Watchers in the AM then some Kettle bell swings!
(lesson #4 with Tracy Reifkind)